Injection mold for the production of test specimens

Specimen tool for material testing and sample parts

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  • Quick cavity change due to insert system
  • Compatible with most common injection molding machines
  • Large selection of interchangeable inserts for a wide range of testing requirements
  • Standardized specimens for material testing
  • Rheological investigations to determine flow path lengths and pressure losses
  • Impact bending tests
  • Sample plates for color and haptic presentation
  • Special inserts for sampling
Probekörperwerkzeug Fließspirale Einschub

International Standard Tool - Material testing and specimen production

The test specimen mould of wf plastic consists of three parts to keep the cavity change for different material tests of the plastic as simple as possible. Thanks to the quick coupling system and a weight of 6kg per insert, the inserts can be changed at any time and at quick notice.

Master Tool

Probekörperwerkzeug für Materialtestungen

The master tool is for the mounting of the interchangeable inserts. The tool inserts are replaced without timedelay. No screws or temperature control hoses have to be disconnected. The change of the inserts lasts only seconds.

Fixed Mold half side insert (mirror plate)

Spiegelplatte für das Probekörperwerkzeug

For most test specimens, the nozzle-side interchangeable insert is a mirror plate. The nozzle-side can also be supplied with pressure sensors or temperature sensors on request.

Moving Mold half side insert

Kunststoff-Materialtestung Einschübe Probekörperwerkzeug

The mould nest for the test specimens is accommodated in the exchangeable insert on the closing side. The ejectors are connected directly to the ejector mechanism of the injection moulding machine. The test specimens can thus be produced free-falling for your material tests or removed by robots.