wf plastic: Solutions for plastics manufacturers and processors

Injection molding only with us

wf plastic GmbH is your partner for injection moulding. No matter whether hot runner leakage, nozzle damage . plastic material tests
- we support your injection moulding process.

Test specimen tool

Our specimen tool can be used to produce specimens for material testing and material investigations.

Hot Runner Monitoring

Our unique and patented hot runner leakage monitoring system has excelled worldwide as a cost breaker.

Nozzle Melt Monitoring

With the injection molding machine nozzle monitoring from wf plastic, we protect the heating bands from the melt.

Hot Runner Control

To complete our product range we offer an excellent and affordable hot runner control technology.

Monitor your injection moulding process

Based on years of experience, the first hot runner monitor was initially patented and developed by wf plastic. The Hot Runner Monitor protects the hot runner from melt leakage and prevents hot runner damage.The same principle can be found in the nozzle monitoring system to prevent the overflowed heating tapes in good time and prevent major consequential damage to the plasticising unit.

Plastics material testing

For the material testing of plastics, wf plastic has developed the International Standard Tool, the cassette mould in the portfolio. A functional insertion system makes it possible to produce various test specimens with the specimen tool without time delays and set-up times.