Nozzle Melt Monitoring

Decrease maintenance!

With the nozzle monitor you can check whether the melt is running on the heating bands and sensors due to leaks. The mass overflows are detected in good time. The ground seal of the sensor tube creates a switch-off pressure. As a result, the Nozzle Melt Monitor (NMM) ensures cost-effective, low-maintenance operation. In addition, repair costs are reduced and the availability of the production machines is accelerated. This avoids machine damage and production downtime. Secure your production!

Nozzle monitoring for injection molding

  • Reduce machine downtimes
  • Lower repair costs
  • Less investment costs
  • No adjustment necessary
  • Easy upgrading
  • Low-maintenance operation

The patented nozzle monitoring functions are ideally implemented in the Nozzle Melt Monitor..

  • Pressure difference measurement
  • Machine shutdown by potential-free contact
  • Data interface (Euromap 77)
  • Flexible, thin stainless steel tube fixed to the nozzle heating band

When purchasing new machines, you can order the Nozzle Melt Monitor directly from the machine manufacturer!

In the following video, we have shown the functioning of the nozzle monitoring system.


We currently offer our nozzle monitoring as a control cabinet version. The Nozzle Melt Monitorcv can be easily and quickly installed in the machine control cabinet.


NMMcv - cabinet version


For nozzle monitoring, wf plastic has also created a video to help with installation. With the help of the video, installation is now even easier!

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